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Grounds to File for Divorce

There is much reason why some marriage doesn’t end up well. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango. People might find some indifferences all along. And it could lead to a toxic relationship. As an individual, it is human nature to avoid pain, and if the marriage is causing you pain, then maybe it is time to save yourself and leave the union. Divorce is a very personal and painful process that one has to go through. It requires the courage to go through that process. The divorce is usually processed by family law attorneys and touches several issues, like division of properties up to the custody of the child. It’s crucial to hire a lawyer who is experienced at your financial and other concerns in a divorce.

Here are several grounds for divorce:


Adultery is where your husband or wife has had sexual intercourse with someone else of the opposite sex that is not their legal spouse. If you choose to file for divorce on this basis, you need to file it within six months of knowledge of cheating. However, you cannot refer to adultery as a ground if you stayed and lived together as a couple for six months after you found out about the cheating because it means that there is an act of condonation.

Only the aggrieved party can file for this kind of petition. However, if you both parties had sexual relationships with other people, both husband or wife can file for divorce.

Unreasonable Behavior

There are necessarily two well-defined circumstances where the ground of unreasonable behavior is given in a divorce petition: firstly where irrational behavior has actually occurred – and secondly where none of the other grounds for divorce applies. Although unreasonable behavior can expose serious accusations, like domestic violence, drunkenness, or addiction, it also includes vague issues such as lack of support in maintaining a household. It should be noticed that, if there is a change of behavior among husband and wife, unreasonable behavior can be used. Similarly, if your spouse has a sexual relationship with a same-sex, it is not considered as adultery but can be regarded as unreasonable behavior.

Desertion or Abandonment

If your spouse left you, without your agreement or a good reason and to end the relationship, it may be possible to use the ground of desertion when filing for divorce. They must have deserted you for over two years within the last two and a half years, and you can have lived together for up to six months during this period.

Physical and Emotional Abuse

There are many kinds of abuse. Domestic violence of any sort is a reason for divorce. It includes emotional, physical, and psychological, and economic abuse. Threatening behavior and language can also be considered as abuse.