Various Instances Where a Lawyer Can Help You


We just love it when we have a solution to almost every problem we face in this life. It is not a guarantee that life was always going to be that easy. Instead, we are required to pull out a bunny from a hat so that life can get back to its smooth side.

What happens when we have to come face to face with the law for some reason? It has been said before that the law enforcers are just the people that society can’t do without. Here are various instances where a professional lawyer sydney can help you.

When getting a divorce

getting a divorceThis has to be the most heart wrenching of cases that lawyers have to deal with. Then again, the law has to be upheld if a couple has to part ways for good. This is so mostly because so much is at stake.

Talk about the properties and probable empires that they have built together. Not to mention the children being dragged into the whole mess. When a good lawyer is brought into the picture, you can rest assured that your divorce case is headed down the right path.

Child custody

After the divorce, the court has to ensure that the children are left in safe hands. This will only come about when the law takes its cause through all the right media. A lawyer needs to have a strong case before it can be presented before a judge.

Which is why they always need their clients to be very transparent about the case at hand. Keeping vital pieces of information under wraps will only be a recipe for disaster. For example, your ideal lawyer will need to know what you do for a living and whether you are in a position to support your children. They will then advise you on the best way to go about it.

Wrongful dismissal

Scandals happen to travel with us everywhere we go. The trick lies in what happens when you happen to be the one in the troublesome spotlight. At your workplace, you will definitely need a good lawyer when your boss shows you the door for no good reason.

You will be fighting a losing battle if you try to reason it out with them. Maybe they just woke up in a bad mood and decided to pick on you. This is where you get your phone book and contact the best lawyers you have worked with before.

Writing of a will and testament

willDividing your immense share of property among your children is quite a task. You will need all the legal advice you can get. Since this is a very sensitive matter, ensure that you get in touch with professional lawyers that specialize in the writing of wills and testament.

The last thing you will want is disunity and bad blood among your next of kin when you are no more. All the more reason to work closely with your lawyer when it comes to this.


Ensure that you are dealing with competent and professional lawyers when in need of their services. This will save you a great deal of trouble with the law.

Changing Your Name Legally

name tag

There are many reasons that people would want to change their name, and the most common are when a lady gets married or divorced. The process of changing one’s name in this situation has been made easy, and the paperwork that needs to be completed is minimal. However, if you want to change your name any other time and if you are a man, the process itself can be rather tedious and take some work.

Changing your namehammer

In essence, everyone should have the right to change their name. Any adult of legal age must be able to change their name and any parent should be able to amend the name of their child too. If you want to change your name, and you are not in the process of getting married or divorced here are the things that need to be done.

Filling out forms

There are substantially more forms that need to be filled out if you intend to change your name. These forms must be obtained from the local registrar of persons. And completed in detail.

Making a petition to the courts

Often there needs to be a petition filed in the courts if you wish to change your name. This is because the authorities must ensure that the name is being changed for legitimate reasons and not reasons such as trying to avoid a history of criminal activity. Reasons such as career, future prospects and the intention of better recognition are some reasons that a court will approve a name change.

Please bear in mind that the courts will have to approve your name change and the new name should, in fact, be a reasonable and proper name. If the court does not give you the nod on a particular name, you can be asked to give another option.

court buildingInform the relevant authorities

Once a name change is done, an advertisement needs to be placed in the newspapers both local and national informing the public of your name change. If there are no objections from the public, you will have to inform the relevant authorities like social security, police, etc. This is done so that no criminal can take advantage of the system to hide away from the law enforcement agencies.


Changing one’s name should be a legal right, and it should only be done for good reasons. Many law firms can help you get this work done, and you should consult them if you are not clear about the process.