Services offered by the divorce lawyers


If you are facing a divorce and it was not your decision in the first place, it can be such a stressing process, and it will surely drain all the energy that you have that’s why with the help of a divorce lawyer you will know how to handle the process peacefully. The lawyer will make the process be calm and give you all that you need. But that will not be the case if you don’t know in the first place what you should expect from the divorce lawyer. The job of the lawyer is making sure that the process is well resolved and at the end, you have gotten what you want. Here is a list of services that the Divorce Law attorney offers;


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Alimony payment is among the many services that the divorce lawyer offers. But firstly you have to know that alimony is the amount of money that a spouse is entitled to after the divorce. The money is supposed to be given to the other spouse, not everyone is given the alimony, but it happens if your spouse is someone who earns a lot of money. The lawyer will have all the information that is required for you to get the alimony and he or she will advise you if you will get the alimony in the first place or not.

Child custody

The divorce has to accompany the child custody if you and your spouse already have kids. Even though the divorce process is hard it’s self the battle of child custody is more difficult. Because no partner will want to give out there right for the kids, there has to be a meet agreement. If you have tried to agree between the two of you and it’s not working, then it will be the time that you include a lawyer in the agreement. The lawyer will ensure that the agreement that you will settle to favors all the parties even the kids.

Out of state divorce


For couples that don’t live in one state, the process of the divorce will not be that easy, and you will not be able to handle it yourself that’s the main reason that you will need a lawyer. The lawyer will have all the information and knowledge to go through the process, and he will ensure that you get all the needs that you have in the first place. He will take the initiative of calling your spouse on your behalf and make your intentions known to him.

What counts as personal injury

So what exactly is ‘personal injury’?

Not every accident counts as a personal injury case, in order to make a claim, your injury must have been caused by the negligence of another individual, a property management company, a property owner or even a local, state or federal government.

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A personal injury could be:

-A physical injury, disease, illness/death or
-A psychological injury or illness

The main dispute in any personal injury claim is negligence. If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence or lack of duty of care then you may be entitled to compensation. But this, of course, has to be proven. There are 4 things you must prove to hold a ‘party’ legally liable for your injury to be awarded damages:

-The party had a duty to act reasonably according to the circumstances
-The party breached the duty
-The party’s breach of duty caused you to be harmed
-You suffered monetary damages due to the harm you suffered when the party breached its duty of care

After coming to a conclusion about what your injury is and who you are going to hold responsible, you then have to think about if the injury has happened purely by chance and couldn’t be prevented or have you became injured as the result of the other ‘party’s’ actions. Lastly, if you think the injury has been caused because of another party’s actions, then do you have sufficient evidence to support this? If so then you may have a greater chance of winning your claim.

If your injury comes under these pointers then you are most likely in a position to make a claim for ‘personal injury’.

If you are unsure whether you are in a position to make a claim or not you can receive free and impartial advice from the team at Beecham peacock solicitors in Newcastle, the discussion is free of charge and there is no obligation to use their services.